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August 2020 News

Published on 8/25/2020


Why have all the weeks had 5 Mondays lately?!

We're still here! Surviving COVID, murder hornets, postal weirdness and ELECTION YEAR. 2020 really should have come with combat helmets, right?

Sometimes you just need a cute picture of a puppy and not many things are funnier than the hind end of a Corgi. This pic popped up on the Wiscasset Self Storage/Boothbay Self Storage page a while back when he had his first vet visit and the love connection was instant.
Repeatingall this SSA stuff here.If you go to the SSA News link, you'll see state by state updates on what the rules are for lien sales.
The Self Storage AssociationSSAis doing their best to be helpful in these crazy times.
You can stay up to date on industry-specific news on their news page:
Also, please make sure you're following our Facebook page. We will post webinar announcements and anything else we come across that seems relevant there (it's the fastest way to get info out). And yeah, we sometimes share cute puppy pictures on there.

SSA Fall Conference:

MeSSA Fall Conference Update:

In light of recent events and the ongoing ban of indoor gatherings of over 50 people, we've made the difficult decision to cancel MeSSA's 2020 conference. The Board of Directors is looking at various ways to give you more in 2021 to say thank you for sticking with us through this crazy time. Stay tuned for much more timely updates going forward!