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Why join MeSSA?

It is vital to your business to have an entity in place that represents your views and the views of the industry as they pertain to legislative activity. As well as a watchdog on Augusta, some of the other benefits of membership are:

  • Discounted admission to our annual two-day conference and trade show.
  • Fall and winter dinner meetings with speakers and/or round-table discussions. Excellent networking opportunities.
  • Access to our storage lease template.
  • Indirect membership in the national Self Storage Association (which includes a subscription to the SSA Globe magazine).
  • Newsletters, at least quarterly.
  • A cool door sticker that shows your commitment to being a great self-storage facility.
  • Access to outstanding industry vendors.
To Join

Why attend the 2019 Conference?

There are so many great reasons to be there:

  • OUTSTANDING speakers: Scott Zucker, Mike Schofield and Matt Van Horn
  • AWESOME vendors at our tradeshow
  • You'll get tips on legal matters 
  • You'll learn about risk management
  • Great food and a fun cocktail reception
  • You'll hear how to dominate your storage market
  • A chance to hang out with the coolest self-storage people on Earth
  • Tips on revenue management
  • Warm cookies at hotel check-in
  • Door prizes
  • You will learn A LOT
2019 Conference


Welcome to the new home of the Maine Self Storage Association! All things MeSSA will start here: information, registration, news, event registrations, and contacts. There are member forums to discuss anything relevant to self storage owners and managers in Maine. 

So click around, say hello, fill out your profile, or join our mailing list. We're here for YOU!


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